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5th March 2024
Behind the Voice Podcast Reveals Next Guest, Sam Lake
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Earlier this year, the Behind the Voice podcast spoke to Ilkka Villi (the physical actor for Alan Wake) and David Harewood (the actor for Warlin Door), each in their special Alan Wake 2-themed episode. Each of the hour-long interviews went in-depth, exploring deep into the actors' experiences, inspirations, their plans for the future.

This week, Abhi Jha (aka GaminMadness) is back at his recording table with a brand new Remedy guest, Sam Lake!

Ahead of their meeting, Abhi published a callout on social media for questions you may have for the Creative Director. If you have something you want to ask, make sure to get your question in soon as the time between the callouts and recordings tend to be pretty quick. You can submit them by responding to THIS tweet.

So far, the questions have explored his skincare routine, how to combat writer's block, exploring mental health, his favourite coffee, and the best episode of Twin Peaks


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