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20th February 2024
Behind the Voice Interviews David Harewood, the Actor for Alan Wake 2's Mr Warlin Door

Less than a month after interviewing Ilkka Villi, the physical actor for Alan Wake, Behind the Voice is back for another Remedy-themed episode, this time with the brilliant David Harewood! In the latest adventure, David brings to life the unsettling Mr Warlin Door in Alan Wake 2, who bounces between warm to intimidating with an almost unnatural ease.

A Remedy fan at heart, Harewood talks about the last-minute casting offer, his love for Max Payne, what it was like acting on the talk show set, the mysterious nature of Mr Door, and fan theories. There are also some very sweet non-game-related discussions, including about anxiety, his love for Italy, creator's block, and his current projects. It's a packed and extensive episode, for sure, that explores so much of the actor's experiences and passions.

Hosted by Abhi Jha, the interview is an hour long, so make sure to grab some coffee before catching it below or directly through the Behind The Voice YouTube Channel, HERE


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