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27th January 2024
Behind The Voice Interviews Alan Wake Actor, Ilkka Villi

In Alan Wake 2, Remedy blends live-action with in-game sequences, playing with different mediums in exciting ways, from using recorded material to guide the player through the level to switching the live-action for darker, more emotional scenes. 

In a new interview, Ilkka Villi, the brilliant physical actor who brought Alan Wake to life, spoke with Behind The Voice about returning to the role ten years after his debut, lip-syncing with Matthew Porretta, and performing at The Game Awards 2023. He expands on what it was like getting the news that the game would feature a musical sequence and stepping into the role of the eccentric Thomas Zane. 

The interview is just over fifty minutes long, and you can catch it below or directly through the Behind The Voice YouTube Channel, HERE


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