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6th June 2024
Remedy Shares Third Night Springs DLC Teaser, Love Will Hurt Book Cover

With Summer Game Fest 2024 almost here, Remedy has shared their third (and possibly final?) teaser for their upcoming DLC pack, Night Springs, the first paid story expansion for Alan Wake 2.

Throughout the past few days, fans have been treated to a series of images posted across social media, each kindling speculation about the DLC's story. Following Remedy's transformation to "Poison Pill Entertainment", the studio posted an image of a mug advertising Nite's Diner resting on a table and, a few days later, a vintage poster inviting players to "make the world coffee". 

Their latest teaser features a mock book cover in the same mint and pastel pink colour scheme as the original Nite's Diner image. The title reads "Love Will Hurt" and is accompanied by the tagline "The Only Thing That Hurts More Than Love is Loving Again" and "a novel by America's Bestselling Writer". 

Alongside the image, Remedy captioned the cover with "LOVE WILL HURT, the newest book from the Writer's crime thrill-ogy, hits the shelves tomorrow, June 7th! [broken heart emoji] [water pistol emoji] Secure your copy wherever good books are sold... in Night Springs. #NightSprings"

Make sure to check out the Summer Game Fest tomorrow at 10pm BST! 


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