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3rd June 2024
Remedy Teases Night Springs DLC In New Promo Art

It's been just over seven months since Alan Wake 2 was launched (typing that still feels bizarre), and fans have been eagerly awaiting what's next for the detective and the writer. With the main project now completed, most of the team has moved on to other projects, such as Control 2, "Condor", and Max Payne 1&2 Remake, whereas others stayed with the project for two DLC expansion packs; Night Springs and The Lakehouse. After months of hard work, the initial teaser for the first expansion has now gone live. 

Posted just after their online brand transformation from Remedy Entertainment to Poison Pill Entertainment, Remedy/Poison shared a simple image; a dull white mug decorated in mint and pastel pink with the words "Nite's Diner" and "the best in Night Springs". The accompanying caption reads, "Come on down to Nite's Diner for your morning cup of joe! [coffee emoji] [stars emoji] We only serve our own Night Springs Roast, and that's a promise. It's deerlicious! [shining heart emoji] (Decaf available on request.) #NightSprings"

If you're a fan of Welcome to Nightvale, you might get a slight Desert Bluffs vibe from this cheerful piece; the mug is warmly lit and resting on a countertop, the pink and white leather seats (familiar to American Nightmare fans) visible in the background. 

Remedy has also posted a short of image alongside Night Springs, a custom song included in the Alan Wake 2 - Chapter Songs album. The track was specially written for the game by Yasmeen Semaan, Jurek Reunamäki, LenoxBeatmaker, Sam Lake, and Sanni Kurkisuo, produced by Jurek, and performed by Keira. You can watch the short, HERE

Source: Remedy's InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.


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