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5th June 2024
Second Night Springs Teaser Image Promotes "One and Only Coffee World"

Yesterday, Remedy posted their second teaser for the upcoming Night Springs DLC pack, coinciding with the team's final Summer Game Fest preparations and travel.

The latest image is in the style of a vintage poster, inviting their audience to "Join Us. Make the World Coffee." The design has already sparked much debate about its accompanying image; an hourglass-shaped slow-drip coffee filter and accompanying mug.

Some fans have compared it to the Containment Sector board from Control, which features two overlapping triangles, whereas eagle-eyed fanSaoryEmanoelle, has posted a similar image comprised of all three Oceanview Motel symbols. 

The image was shared on the Remedy/Poison Pill social media pages with a caption reading, "Dark Triangle Coffee. Just coffee, nothing else. Have a sip at Night Springs' One and Only Coffee World. Join the percolation on June 7th... in Night Springs. #NightSprings" Check it out below and let us know what you think! 


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