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10th March 2024
Behind The Voice Podcast To Speak to Alice Wake Actor, Christina Cole [Submit Your Questions]

The Behind the Voice podcast has been following a strong Alan Wake 2 theme lately, with host Abhi Jha (aka GaminMadness) speaking to Ilkka Villi (Alan Wake, Mr Scratch, Thomas Zane) as well as David Harewood (Warlin Door) in recent months about their shifting roles in the game. The wheels have not stopped turning, though, with a newly revealed discussion featuring Remedy's Creative Director, Sam Lake, set to be recorded soon. Phew. 

That's not all! Coming up this week, Abhi will be sitting down with Christina Cole, the incredible actor behind Alice Wake, in the sequel. 

[Spoilers ahead!] Alan Wake fans would have seen the photographer return in the sequel but in pre-recorded footage only, discovered late into the story. Her breathtaking camera pieces touched many hearts as they paved the way for the reveal of Mr Scratch. For Cole, she would have been stepping into a character already established by Jonna Järvenpää (physical actor) and Brett Madden (voice actor). 

Ahead of their meeting, Abhi published a callout on social media for questions you may have for Christina Cole. If you have something you want to ask, make sure to get your question in soon, as the time between the callouts and recordings tends to be pretty quick. You can submit them by responding to THIS tweet.


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