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24th February 2024
Swedish Studio Hosts New Remedy Flashbacks Session with Sam Lake

The Stockholm-based studio recently held its first Remedy Flashbacks of 2024, with Sam Lake (Creative Director) stepping into the spotlight for the latest fireside chat with Sanna Kantelinen (Senior Internal Communications Specialist) and Johannes Paloheimo (Chief Commercial Officer).

An internal event, Remedy Flashbacks provides an intimate discussion of moments from the studio's history and provides the opportunity to learn about different crafts and experiences. Back in November, the Finnish side featured a discussion with Ilkka Villi, the physical actor for Alan Wake. While the discussions are for developers only, we do know that the previous talk was recorded. 

Last year, Remedy expanded on the sessions, explaining that "we have this thing we call Remedy Flashbacks. It’s for us Remedians to huddle up and hear stories of Remedy's history and highlights from various corners of the realm of making games. These internal events are one way of building our culture and sharing knowledge from longtime Remedians." You can learn more about the previous event HERE

A group photograph of the Remedy Sweden crew.


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