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23rd February 2024
Remedy Celebrates 50K r/AlanWake Members with Developer AMA

With over 50,000 members on the community-run Alan Wake 2 subreddit, Remedy is celebrating the milestones with a special developer AMA!

Answering your questions will be Nathalie Jankie (she/her, Mission Designer on Alan Wake 2), Marko Muikku (he/him, Gameplay Lead on Alan Wake 2) and John Crossland (he/him, Lead Character Artist on Alan Wake 2.) You may already know a little bit about Nathalie's work with her appearance in the dev diaries. 

The thread is currently accepting questions, with the session officially going live on February 27th at 5pm GMT / 7pm EET / 9am PST / 12pm EST.

Writing on the subreddit, the Remedy account posted, "Making the game has been an incredible team effort and a labour of love, and we want to thank everyone who’s been with us for the journey – whether you’ve just joined us with Alan Wake 2, or whether you’ve been a part of our community for years already. We are currently busy (SUPER SECRETLY) working on the expansions for Alan Wake 2 – Night Springs and The Lake House. As this subreddit has recently hit over 50K members, and is quickly closing in on 60K, to celebrate this milestone with you, you can ask us anything!"

Check out the full post and submit your questions HERE

AMA proof! Nathalie, Marko and John pose for the photo. Marko is holding a sign that reads: "Hello, Reddit! AMA w/ Alan Wake 2 devs. Nathalie, Marko & John. Feb 27th, 2024. r/AlanWake "


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