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26th February 2024
Alan Wake 2 Wins "Outstanding VFX in a Real-Time Project" VES Award

The award season isn't over just yet! Last Wednesday (February 21st), the Visual Effects Society held the 22nd Annual VES Awards in Beverly Hills, California, celebrating the incredible visual effects artistry and outstanding projects that take VFX to another level.

“As we celebrate the 22nd Annual VES Awards, we’re honoured to shine a light on outstanding visual effects artistry and innovation,” said VES Chair Kim Davidson in the press statement revealing the list of winners. “The honorees and their work represent best-in-class visual effects – work that engages audiences and enhances the art of storytelling. The VES Awards is the only venue that showcases and honors these outstanding global artists across a wide range of disciplines, and we are extremely proud of all our winners and nominees!”

With the evening being a celebration across a number of different mediums, Remedy walked home from the event with the award for Outstanding Visual Effects In A Real-Time Project, presented for Alan Wake 2. Alongside the award, the following developer names were credited on their website for their work; Janne Pulkkinen, Johannes Richter, Daniel KoŇĄczyk, and Damian Olechowski.

As the ceremony doesn't look to be livestreamed publicly, we don't know the details of the acceptance speech, though we saw that Remedy thanked the organisation and jury for the award on social media, "Our VFX team has won the VES Award in Outstanding VFX in a Real-Time Project for Alan Wake 2! This is one of the highest honors a team can receive in the field of visual effects. We are extremely flattered to receive such recognition by the Visual Effects Society for our studio's hard work. #VESAwards." Congratulations to the team!

Learn more about the VES Awards HERE!

Source: VES Awards 2024 & Remedy Entertainment, Twitter
Image Source: Remedy Entertainment, Twitter

Text reads, "WINNER of Outstanding VFX in a Real-Time Project" alongside the Visual Effects Society's logo. In the background, a screenshot from Alan Wake 2; Alan shining a torch light down an alleyway.


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