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23rd April 2023
Poets of the Fall Kicks Off 20th Anniversary Celebrations
[New European Tour, Merchandise, and Photoshoot]

2023 is a year of anniversaries with both Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and Poets of the Fall celebrating their twentieth anniversary! Since their formation, Poets of the Fall has shared a strong relationship with Remedy, working together for Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and Control. As a result, there's a lot of love for both the band and developer across both communities. 

Recently, the band kicked off their celebrations with a brand new batch of merchandise on their store page, followed soon after by a series of gigs across Europe. The latter also revealed a new group photo taken by their resident photographer, Tiia √Ėhman.

Check out the announcements below!

New Photoshoot & Memories

The new group photo initially debuted on Instagram in pieces, along with retrospective pieces written by the band members. You can see the reveal on the band's page, HERE

”What started with me recording a simple demo with a certain vocalist and guitarist back in 2003, eventually lead to some more songs, an album, more songs and albums, live shows and tours... and here we are 20 years later with Poets being a major part of my life. So much has happened during these 7000+ days, but I feel a lot of big things are still waiting to happen in the future of Poets. Here's to the next 20 years and beyond!” - Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen (Keyboard). Source.

”As we look back on the past 20 years, we can't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. We are so grateful for all those glorious moments we've spent with you, on stage, crashing through the audience or somewhere else. Your love and support have made this journey an incredible one, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.” - Marko Saaresto (Vocals). Source.

”Since day one, my journey as a Poet has been a rollercoaster full of unbelievable twists and turns - so many strange and absurd, yet beautiful and rewarding experiences in every corner of the world. I feel deeply grateful for having all that in my life. However, what I’m most grateful of is having these great guys as not just colleagues or bandmates, but as my closest friends & family members. I raise my glass and say: ’Here’s to us and to the next 20 years.’” - Jani Snellman (Bass). Source.

”I never had a brother, but with this band, I got 5 of them. These guys know me better than I know myself. We have grown together and seen the worst and the best in each other. After all these years the amount of mutual respect, understanding and love has only grown. Some people are waiting for their retirement, I’m hoping I’ll never have to end this amazing journey!” - Olli Tukaiknen (Guitar). Source.

New Merchandise 
For the anniversary, the Poets of the Fall and Backstage Rockshop (owners of the band's webstore) have released two new hefty pieces.

Lucky Charm Pendant (29,99 €)
Made from steel, this pendant measures 3cm and features the new Poets of the Fall logo on the front and the iconic Morpho logo on the back. The item comes with a chain measuring 80cm in length. 
Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Badge (29,99 €)
Formed of a zinc alloy, the anniversary badge is the third in a series of milestone shields celebrating the band's history. This time, the badge features gold text highlighted by a bold red background. 

20th Anniversary Tour

If you live in Europe and you want to see the band live this year, now is your chance! This week, they published a list of upcoming gigs (with more to be announced in the future.)

Local Tour:
May 20th - Turku, Finland (M/S/ Baltic Princess)
July 7th - Lohja, Finland (Rantajamit 2023)
July 29th - Kuopio, Finland (Kuopiorock 2023)
August 12th - Turku, Finland (Logomon Terassikesä)
August 25th - Helsinki, Finland (Allas Sea Pool)

European Tour:
September 1st - Prague, Czech Republic (Meetfactory)
September 2nd - Budapest, Hungar (Barba, Negra)
September 4th - Warsaw, Poland (Proxima)
September 5th - Berlin, Germany (Metropool)
October 12th - Amsterdam, Netherlands (Melkweg)
October 13th - Hamburg, Germany (Gruenspan)
October 14th - Copenhagen, Denmark (Amager Bio)
October 15th - Stockholm, Sweden (Berns)
November 6th - Paris, France (Alhambra)
November 7th - London, United Kingdom (Electric Ballroom)
November 8th - Manchester, United Kingdom (New Century Hall)
November 10th - Nottingham, United Kingdom (Rock City)

Tickets have now gone live! You can view the full list and instructions on how to attend at the Poets of the Fall website, HERE


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