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16th October 2023
Influencers Receive Second Alan Wake 2 ARG Parcel with Wendy Davis & Ted Lane Case Files [Update #2]

Last week, Epic Games started sending out special Alan Wake 2-themed boxes to a select group of influencers. Inside was a welcome pack for an ARG (alternate reality game), which uses real-world puzzles to connect to the lore of the game. The box would eventually be one of three packages they would receive, sent roughly a week apart from each other. With the second box starting to land on doorsteps, it's the perfect time to dive into the latest pack.

For clarity, we don't have direct access to any of the boxes. All the information in the ARG posts comes from screenshots and footage from what those YouTubers (listed at the bottom of the page) shared with their audiences. (All text in italics are quotes from the documents.)

In the game, the recipient takes on the role of a "rookie" Special Agent at the Federal Branch of Inspection (FBI) looking into the Bright Falls Investigation. While the evidence box has been examined by multiple agents prior, your job is to see if they have missed anything.

In the second envelope, the special agent received:
- FBI Correspondence
- Ted Lane Case File
      - Victim Profile
      - County Medical Examiner Report
      - Newspaper Clipping 
- Wendy Davis Case File
      - Victim Profile (we haven't got a clear image yet)
      - County Medical Examiner Report (we haven't got a clear image yet)
      - Newspaper Clipping (Hidden Message!) 
      - Missing Persons Poster
- Five Polaroid Crime Scene Photos
- Car Keys with an Oh Deer Diner Keyring (Hidden Compartment!)
- Bright Falls Map


Dear Rookie, 

I am writing this letter to follow up my earlier correspondence. 

I would like to attract your attention to two files amongst the others regarding the unsolved murders of Bright Falls residents Ted Lane and Wendy Davis. 

A car key was recovered from the location of Davis's murder. We have been unable to trace the vehicle that the keys belong to, though they are attached to a keyring from the local Oh Deer Diner. Their autopsy reports show they had unusual markings on their bodies. That's all we have to go on. I want you to study these files with extreme care and make use of the tools you were provided within your orientation pack. Go over it again when you've finished. Keep doing so until we need you for more important tasks. 

If you find any leads that connect the murders or shed any light on the unsolved murders, make sure to add them to your case. I will contact you at a later date to check your progress. 

The Ted Lane Case
Ted Lane is a possible connection to Rudolph Lane, the artist who had lived at Emil Hartman's Cauldron Lake Clinic during the Dark Presence's attack and the FBC's takeover. Ted Lane's death takes place on Deerfest in 2010.

Overview: Ted Lane was a resident of Bright Falls, working in the town as a local dentist. His body was found in 2012 in the twin town of Watery. Following an examination, it looked like he had been bound at the wrists and stabbed multiple times in the chest. He was killed in the woodlands but had spent time underwater before his discovery. 

Ted Lane, Case File [Transcript]:
Case No: 262-BF-50783
Case File: Homicide
File Number: 50783

Confidential. All individuals handling this information are requested to protect it from unauthorized disclosure in the interest of the national security of the United States. Handling, storage, reproduction and disposition of the enclosed document(s) will be in accordance with the applicable executive orders and statutes of the Department of Legislation.

Ted Lane, Victim Profile [Transcript]:
Surname: Lane
First Name: Ted
Middle Name(s): N/A
Age/Date of Birth: 42 Years Old. Born 11/23/1967
Address: Bright Falls, WA
Home Phone: N/A
Mobile/Cell Phone: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Weight: 139 lbs
Hair: Dark-Brown, Greying
Eye: Blue-Grey
Dominate Hand: [nothing written]
Shoe Size: [nothing written]
Occupation: Dentist
Employer: Bright Falls Dentistry
Identifying Marks/Scars/Tattoos: N/A
Manner of Death: Homicide
Cause of Death: Loss of blood due to stab wounds.
Injuries: Multiple Stab wounds to chest areas and significant bruising on wrists.
Location of Body: Buried in woodland on the outskirts of Watery.
Additional Information: Lane's body was found in Watery woods in 2012. Corpse was bloated. Body had bruises on wrists and stab wounds all over torso.

Ted Lane, County Medical Examiner Report [Transcript]:
Bright Falls, Washington State.

Decedent: Ted Lane.
Sex: Male.
Age: 43.
Occupation: Dentist

Type of Death: [X] Violent

Description of Body: Clothed.
Eyes: Blue-Grey.
Hair: Dark Brown, Greying.
Moustache: N/A.
Beard: N/A.
Weight: 139lb.
Length 5 feet, 11 inches.
Temp: N/A.
Other: Significant Bloating.

Marks and Wounds: Ted Lane was found to have piercing trauma to his torso, suggesting he was stabbed in a frenzy. Landy's body also has bruising around the wrists, indicating a struggle and that he was bound to an object when the attack took place. His throat and lungs contain dirt, likely from his woodland grave. Lane's corpse is substantially bloated, as though he was submerged underwater for a lengthy period of time before being buried.

Probable Cause of Death: exsanguination from stab woods. October 2012. Homicide. 

[There's a diagram of the body shown on the page. Although the text doesn't give the detail, there are ten stab wounds visible on his chest.]

Newspaper Cutting:
The discovery of Ted Lane's body in a shallow grave in Watery's woodlands raises more questions than answers. 

Wednesday - Bright Falls Sheriff's Department is at a loss to explain the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of the 43 year old dentist Ted Lane, and have issued a call for anyone with any information to come forward. 

At the press conference last night, Sheriff Sarah Breaker outlined more information about the condition Mr Lane's body was found in, revealing details from the autopsy report suggesting that he may have been kidnapped and murdered. 

According to Sheriff Breaker, Mr Lane's body was found with multiple stab wounds to the chest and "strap marks" on the wrists. The corpse also showed signs that it had been submerged underwater for quite some time, leading to significant bloating. 

Sheriff Breaker refused to elaborate further on the circumstances surrounding Mr Lane's death and confirm whether he was downed or stabbed. 

"Ted Lane has clearly been stabbed to death," Sherif Breaker responded, "but the coroner wasn't sure whether to record the death by drowning at one stage. We are certain it was a homicide though." 

When asked if there was a miscommunication between Bright Falls Sheriff's Department and the County Medical Examiner, the press conference was brought to a close. 

The Bright Falls Record has contacted the County Medical Examiner's for clarification but has received no response. 

Ted Lane's body was discovered in a shallow grave on the outskirts of Watery three months ago by a local dog walker in woodland, two years after Mr Lane went missing in September 2010. Mr Lane was participating in Derrfest with his friend, Jay Huhtiniemi, when he went missing. Mr Huhtiniemi was later questioned but released without charge, insisting that Mr Lane had simply vanished into thin air.

[UPDATE: If the agent uses the UV light on the locksmith advertisement included next to the article, they will see a circle around "348" in the phone number.]

The Wendy Davis Case
Overview: Wendy Davis was discovered on the bed of Cauldron Lake in Bright Falls. While no car was discovered, she was in possession of a set of car keys bearing a keyring from the Oh Deer Diner. Her body was discovered with her lung, heart, and liver missing. Gil Davis, her husband, was suspected of her murder but was found not guilty. 

Wendy Davis, Case File:
Case No: 262-BF-58950
Case File: Homicide
File No. 58950

Wendy Davis, Victim Profile [Transcript]:
Surname: Davis
First Name: Wendy
Middle Name(s): N/A
Age/Date of Birth: 29 Years Old. Born 02/15/1981
Address: Bright Falls, WA
Home Phone: N/A
Mobile/Cell Phone: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Sex: Female
Race: [nothing written]
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Weight: 102 lbs
Hair: Dark-Brown
Eye: Hazel
Dominate Hand: [nothing written]
Shoe Size: [nothing written]
Occupation: Teacher
Employer: Bright Falls Kindergarten
Identifying Marks/Scars/Tattoos: N/A
Manner of Death: Undetermined
Cause of Death: Drowning
Wound in torse with lung, heart, and liver missing. Bloated body.
Location of Body: The bed of Cauldron Lake
Additional Information: Davis' body was found floating on Cauldron Lake, 2018; significantly bloated with a large chest cavity. Heart, left lung, and liver were missing. 

Wendy Davis, County Medical Examiner Report [Transcript]:
Bright Falls, Washington State.

Decedent: Wendy Davis
Sex: Female.
Age: 29
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Type of Death: [X] Violent

Description of Body: Clothed.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown
Moustache: N/A.
Beard: N/A.
Weight: 102lbs
Length 5 feet, 7 inches.
Temp: N/A.
Other: Organs missing, significant bloating.

Marks and Wounds: Wendy Davis' corpse suffered from considerable bloating due to being submerged in Cauldron Lake for eight ears. Davis' heart, left lung, and liver were missing - the length of time her body was underwater and signs of predation marks around the soft tissue of the wounds, right lung and stomach lead us to conclude that local wildlife caused the chest wound and subsequent missing organs. 

Probable Cause of Death: Drowning
Manner of Death: January 2018

Missing Person Poster
Missing. Have you seen this woman? Call: 555-976-2837

Have you seen my wife, Wendy Davis? She's 29, has dark brown hair, hazel eyes (which could be mistaken for green) and is petite. She's a teacher at a local kindergarten and does a lot in the community. She leads the Deer Scouts and loves her garden (she's won 'Best Garden' three years in a row). If you see Wendy, then please approach her with caution. She hasn't been herself lately. Wendy's been spaced-out, missing work, muttering to herself and becoming very irritable. One Day I came home from work, and she just wasn't there anymore. It's been two weeks now and I don't know what to do. None of her stuff is missing, and the last time I saw her, she was wearing a white nightgown before bed. 

If you can help in any way or have information about Wendy, call the number above ASAP. 
Gill Davis. 

Newspaper Cutting Article #1:
Gil Davis was on trial for the murder of his wife, Wendy Davis, but the jury found him not guilty after a week of deliberations. 

Thursday - Bright Falls resident Gil Davis cried outside court today after being found not guilty of his wife Wendy's murder, bringing the three-month trial to a close. 

Speaking on the court steps after his acquittal, Mr Davis said that he was "exhausted" and "upset that his wife's killer is still at large". He called for anybody with information surrounding his wife's death to come forward. 

"This brings an end to years of suffering since my arrest," Mr Davis told reports, "but it's nothing compared to what happened to my beautiful wife Wendy over a decade ago." 

I cooperated with the Bright Falls Sherrif's Department from the first second, and look where I am now. They were more interested in locking me up than trying to find my Wendy. Her killer is still out there, hiding in darkness. Somebody out there must know what happened." 

Mr Davis refused to comment when asked if he would bring legal action against the Bright Falls Sherrif's Department. Authorities also refused to comment on the not guilty verdict. 

Wendy Davis disappeared in 2010; her body was found floating on Cauldron Lake in 2018. Gil Davis was later arrested and charged with murder. 

Discussing the circumstances of Mrs. Davis' death during the trial, the coroner revealed that her corpse was missing organs, including her heart, left lung, and liver. The coroner told the prosecutor that there was doubt if Mr Davis could have been responsible, factoring in the wildlife present within the lake as a potential cause. 

Mr. Davis protested his innocence throughout the trial, saying that his wife "hadn't been herself" before she disappeared. 

He claimed Mrs Davis was missing when he returned home from work one day with his legal team, focusing on a lack of evidence connecting Mr Davis with his wife's disappearance. 

[If the special agent uses the ultraviolet light on the clipping, they can read the hidden message, "THE KEY IS THE KEY".]

[The newspaper says that Wendy Davis' left lung was missing however, official reports state that it was the right lung.]

[UPDATED] Newspaper Cutting Article #2:
The Oh Deer Diner has put out a casting call to find mascots for the summer season at Coffee World. 

The Oh Deer Diner's mascots can usually be found around the Watery theme park as part of a cross-promotion between the two Bright Falls businesses. 

The diner says it's an opportunity for friendly locals to "do something fun and make new friends". No previous mascot experience is necessary, with the diner's owners promising a fair basic wage and perks, including free coffee. The casting call coincides with a new look for the diner's mascot, which is yet to be revealed. Coffee World's Ilmo Koskela confirmed that it would be unveiled at the press conference when "the right applicants" are found and that it'll be "something Bright Fall residents will fawn over". 

Evidence Package & Car Keys:
Case No: 262-BF-58950
Place Evidence Found: Bed of Cauldron Lake
Victim: Wendy Davis. 

A set of car keys were found on her body despite there being no car found nearby. Attached was a keyring for the Oh Deer Diner. If the special agent uses the ultraviolet light on the case, they will see an opening. Inside is a cypher...

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