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11th August 2019
Underhill Is In The Spotlight in Latest Instagram Control Character Profile

This week, the ControlRemedy Instagram page is back with another character profile featuring a face familiar to fans who have been closely following new gameplay reveals. Armed with a number of missions and overflowing with sass, the recent profile focuses on Dr Raya Underhill.

Back in July, 505Games and Remedy kickstarted their new series with Emily Pope, before following it up with Ahti the Janitor, Simon Arish, Helen Marshall and, most recently, Frederick Langston, in an on-going feature on the page. For your first glimpse at the new teasers, make sure to follow the account and sign up to notifications.

As always, if you're avoiding story spoilers, the latest series may be slightly problematic. If you want to avoid all character details and go into the game blind, you may want to be cautious while scrolling through Instagram.

(To avoid unwanted spoilers, the headlines for each of these posts on The Sudden Stop will mention that it's part of the character profile series, and will not mention the role of the spotlighted character.)

Jesse: Shouldn't you be in a safe room?
Underhill: Why? Because of those "Hiss" things the Rangers keep going on about? Haven't you people sorted that out yet? The situation down here could spell doom for the Bureau.


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