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27th May 2023
Discounts on the Remedy Connected Universe
[Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store]

With five months to go before the release of Alan Wake 2, if you haven't played the original adventure or explored the world of Control, it might be the perfect time to make the leap. There are a number of sales across all three platforms that the sequel is due to launch on. In this post, we're going to be 1) looking at where the discounts are and 2) how their story relates to Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Connections

Alan Wake. After originally launching as a console exclusive on the Xbox 360, the game found a new audience on PC two years later. Although the original game at heart, the additional time, combined with the additional flexibility of the new platform, allowed the team to make graphical tweaks, adding a new layer of depth. For the PC edition, we've marked it as 2012, but it's the original adventure. While Remedy has said that you don't need to play Alan Wake to jump into Alan Wake 2, it is such a fantastic game. If you skip it, you're missing out. 

Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Released two years after the original adventure, this title was released as part of the XBOX's Summer of Arcade 2012. While considered a spin-off, the title explores several themes including the malleability of The Dark Place and plays with potential concepts and tech for Alan Wake 2 (seen in the 2010 prototype). Alongside the story mode, the game comes with a horde mode for endless action. 

Alan Wake Remastered. Alan Wake Remastered allowed PlayStation owners to explore the treacherous paths of Bright Falls for the first time! Developed with d3t, the game brings a refreshed look to the original 2010 title, packed together with both DLC packs and new commentary. If you were introduced to Remedy through Control or Quantum Break, this is the easiest way to play Alan Wake on consoles. 

Control. Control changed the way that many players viewed the Remedy Connected Universe. In addition to having an expansion pack adding to the story after Alan Wake (AWE Expansion), the base game itself introduced a new governmental organisation that monitors unusual otherworldly events such as the events in Bright Falls. While not vital to the Alan Wake 2 story, players who check out Control ahead of the game's launch will go in with a new perspective.  


Steam (PC)
Ends May 29th


Epic Games Store (PC) sequel to launch on this store
Ends June 15th

PlayStation Store (PS4/PS5) sequel to launch on this store for PS5
Ends June 8th

XBOX (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S) sequel to launch on this store for Xbox Series X|S
Ends June 4th


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