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5th April 2021
Our Favourite Stories From Quantum Break 's Development
Celebrating Quantum Break's Fifth Anniversary

It's been five years since Quantum Break launched on Xbox One and Windows 10, and to celebrate the incredible milestone, today we're looking back on the adventure and some of our favourite moments from its development and launch. Some of these are big events, whereas others are smaller tributes to the game. So, if you played Quantum Break when it came out and want to look back, or jumped onboard the community in recent years with Control and curious about the game, welcome! 

As the title was in development for about four years, this is by no means a comprehensive look back, just some of our favourite key posts and celebrations.

In addition to this article, we also have a competition running, so if you want to own some special Quantum Break merchandise goodness, make sure to check it out! We're giving away an anniversary prize pack containing a promotional t-shirt, a steel book, and Cam Rogers' Zero State novel. 

[21st May 2013] Quantum Break was announced on stage at the Xbox One Reveal Event, as one of the very first games connected for the platform. That first trailer showed the mix between immersive gameplay and a live-action show.

Sam Lake Announcement to the Fans
[22th May 2012] Before the reveal of Quantum Break, many people were convinced that Alan Wake 2 was on its way. Remedy predicted the response and worked with the Humble Store to create a special Alan Wake pack with never-before-seen content.

Quantum Break Gamescom 2014
[12th August 2014] On the Xbox stage at Gamescom 2014, we got our first look at Quantum Break's gameplay. The following days were packed with interviews with the devs. Meanwhile, players could step into the game in the booth using AR tech.

[November 2015] In late 2015, Game Informer turned their attention to Quantum Break for a special magazine cover and month-long coverage. 

Max and Alan Play Quantum Break
[1st April 2016] As part of a special April's Fools, Sam Lake and Ilkka Villi returned to their roles as Max Payne and Alan Wake as they checked out the latest Remedy game. 

Interview with Cam Rogers
[5th April 2016] We sat down with Cam Rogers to talk about his latest book, Quantum Break: Zero State, which launched alongside the game. Cam's story takes a different route, taking alternative junction moments while still staying true to the feel of the world.

[11th April 2016] To celebrate the game's launch, Remedy posted a series of new Quantum Break ringtones on their website created by Petri Alanko (Composer) along with Ville Sorsa (Senior Audio Designer). True story, my notification sound is Jack's ringtone. 

[14th April 2016] Following the launch of the game, Janina Gavankar set up a special live recording of Time Knife with Patrick Heusinger, Marshall Allman, Amelia Rose Blaire, Tyler Burton Smith and Adam R. Wood.

[27th April 2016] As part of the game's post-release campaign, Xbox On released their Quantum Break TV Documentary Special, featuring interviews with Shawn Ashmore and Sam Lake.

[17th November 2016] Seven months after the game launched, the developers uploaded a video showcasing the bloopers and glitches that appeared while developing Quantum Break

[5th April 2017] One year after the game launched, Remedy returned for an anniversary post. In addition to a new video, the studio also published statistics on player activity.


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