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22nd May 2013
Quantum Break Announcement Media Roundup

Yesterday Remedy announced their new IP, Quantum Break at the Microsoft Conference. The game, which is due to be released on the XBOX One, will be one of 15 exclusive titles for the console.

Similar to what I did back when Alan Wake's American Nightmare was being shown at CES, I've compiled a list of websites which discuss the newly announced game. Here is your Quantum Break announcement media roundup:



  • What is Quantum Break
    IGN - Link
    "Phil Spencer did say they're master storytellers and he is right!"
    In regards of using live action: "Remedy is the perfect partner to do this with!"
  • Remedy's Quantum Break revealed - a new IP for Xbox On
    Official XBOX Magazine - Link
    "A flashy full motion trailer revealed some impressive Matrix-style slow motion destruction - live action footage gave way to the spectacle of an enormous boat crashing into a bridge."
  • 'Quantum Break' from Remedy comes to XBOX One
    Joystiq - Link
  • Forza 5, Quantum Break footage from Xbox One dev kits
    Destructoid - Link
    "Not renders or some other trickery, you skeptics. I know some out there were questioning some of the screenshots and footage from this morning. Stop. They're the real deal."
  • Remedy Entertainment unveils Quantum Break, one of eight 'brand-new franchises' coming to Xbox One in first year
    Polygon - Link
    "Remedy Entertainment, the Finland-based developer behind the Max Payne and Alan Wake series, is debuting Quantum Break, a new title which appears to bring the episodic narrative structure of Alan Wake to the Xbox One" 
  • Max Payne creator Remedy Games crafting Quantum Break for Xbox One
    Engadget - Link
  • Xbox One-exclusive 'Quantum Break' aims to blend TV with gaming for a 'revolutionary entertainment experience
    The Verge - Link



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