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17th November 2016
Remedy Recruitment Video [& Quantum Break Bloopers]
Remedy Teases New Game Trailer [Updated!]

Original Story: With Quantum Break released this past April, and Remedy's partnership on Crossfire 2 announced just weeks after, we didn't expect to hear about a new game trailer emerging so soon. In a surprise posting across their social media channels, Remedy did exactly that; posting a twenty second teaser for a full trailer, "coming soon".

The teaser features a montage of Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) introducing a series of videos (recorded during Quantum Break's development) before the words "New Game Trailer" and "Coming Soon" flashes on screen. The Remedy logo concludes the video, overlapped with the lift music from the original Max Payne game.

At the moment we don't know when the trailer will land, but it sounds like we might be seeing it before too long. For now, you can check out the original teaser below:

[Updated: 18th November 2016] Remedy uploaded the trailer today, and it's definitely unusual! It's not the teaser that many of us were expecting, instead the video is a parody of your typical game trailers with their deep dramatic voice, daring last second misses, and explosive gameplay. Instead, Remedy targeted developers looking to start at a new company, showcasing the weirder situations which came up during Quantum Break's development. The blooper reel is meant to reflect the challenges of game design along with the weirdness it can bring. You can watch it below:


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