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27th August 2020
Control's Second and Final DLC, AWE, Launches Today!

Today is the day that many of us have been looking forward to, as we see Jesse's debut adventure wrap up!

To celebrate Control's one year anniversary, there are a number of big launches today, including the highly-anticipated Assist Update, Steam's Control Ultimate Edition, and the final AWE DLC. (That's a lot of launches!)

UP FIRST! The DLC Pack...

AWE is the second and final DLC for Control, and it's a bittersweet ending as players return to the world of Alan Wake in a crossover adventure. The mission is also marking the official first step of the Remedy Connected Universe. (In case you missed the RCU announcement, you can read Sam's letter HERE!)

Avoiding Those Crafty Spoilers

Before we get into what AWE is and how to get it, I want to remind anyone who wants to avoid spoilers, please check your social media settings and add any muted keywords you need to! 

For Facebook, there are Chrome extensions such as Social Fixer which I've used in the past and it has been incredible for avoiding spoilers. If you're on Twitter, there's a built-in muting system where you can have timed-muted words. (It can be a bit of a journey but it's worth it!)

On this site, we're going to be very careful of spoilers, and our DMs and email will be open to anyone needing help to set up the DLC, or get started. Each person has their own tolerance to spoilers, so for content that may be perfectly okay for some but may not be for others, we'll highlight the text in black as before, and label what it is. 

We'll also be catching up on DLC reactions next week in a clearly-labelled post on the site, once people have a chance to finish it.

What is AWE?

In the upcoming adventure, Jesse is called into action as a dangerous new creature threatens the FBC. The entity is housed in the abandoned Investigations Sector, where the Bureau has stored the information on the AWE they had tracked, contained, and sealed. In her journey, Jesse must learn more about the new creature and in doing so delve into the Bureau's past cases, including one set in Bright Falls. (Highlight to see more!) The DLC is estimated to take players between 3-5 hours to complete.

AWE is now available on PC (The Epic Store and Steam), PlayStation 4, and XBOX One.

New Additions To The Game

With the new adventure, a ton of new additions has been added. In the new DLC pack, Jesse can unlock a new Service Weapon form called "Surge" which Remedy describes as a "sticky grenade launcher", which should make combat even more spectacular. There will also be a new enemy type, the "Hiss Airborn Ranger" who can not only fly but is rather handy with a shotgun. If you saw Remedy's AWE Twitch broadcast earlier this month, you would have seen them in action; they are very fast and evasive! Finally, as the story has an Alan Wake component, light-based puzzles make a return! So keep your eye out for liquid darkness and handy lanterns along your journey

How to Buy It

If you own the Control Deluxe Edition, you should already have the Season Pass included, allowing you to play both The Foundation DLC and AWE DLC. Similarly, if you purchased the Control Ultimate Edition on Steam, you already have it as part of the pack. 

If you only have the base game, you will need to either buy the DLC separately or as part of the "Season Pass", through the Epic Store, PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store. 

If you have purchased the DLC pack but it doesn't seem to have installed, you may need to check to see if your downloaded edition of Control is the latest version, or download the DLC separately from its own store page. (As a new PS4 owner, this has caught me out!) 

How To Access The DLC

You will need to have completed the seventh story mission, The Face of the Enemy, before you can unlock the AWE DLC path.

Once you're ready to check out the DLC, the mission can be started from the Sector Elevator in the Executive Sector hub. 

The First Fifteen Minutes of AWE

If you would like to check out the first fifteen minutes of the DLC before purchasing or jumping in, Remedy uploaded a clip from their recent AWE Twitch broadcast, in which they showed the opening of the DLC. For the preview, Vida Starčević sat down with Sam Lake (Creative Director) and Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) to talk about Jesse's latest adventure.


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