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27th August 2020
Control's August Update Launches Today With Assist Mode!

In the long list of Control-related launches today, is the highly-anticipated Assist Mode, which forms part of the August Update. For someone who has chronic migraines, I'm personally really looking forward to this new update and will be reviewing the impact it has on the game soon, particularly those tricky boss fights! 

In this post we're going to be talking about what the new Assist Mode is bringing as well as some of the other changes coming to the game today! 

Assist Update

In the Assist Mode, players will be able to take control of their own game, tailoring it to exactly how they want to experience the adventure. The update allows you to adjust damage amounts for both Jesse and the Hiss (allowing for one-shot kills), as well as changing how fast her energy regenerates, how fast her weapon reloads, and whether you would like to have aim assist enabled. It's going to make a huge difference to the accessibility of the game, and bring a lot more players to join the adventure, which is the best thing!

Control Points & Soft Checkpoints

On the topic of making the game more user-friendly, the development team have also added more Control Points (particularly when dealing with Mold-1, Anchor, and esseJ) and further soft checkpoints added in the Hedron Chamber and during the Astral Plane fight. (Highlight to reveal).

Changes To The Launch Ability

There are also new tweaks to existing abilities! For instance, the Launch power will now allow Jesse to collect up to three different objects to propel towards her enemy. The multi-Launch skill will be added to the extended Launch ability tree.

New Arcade Machines & Play Types

In the new update, Control is also getting a number of arcade cabinets, opening up a new selection of gameplay modes. 

The Shüm cabinets reside in Investigations Sector and will allow players to replay four boss fights (including Mold-1, esseJ, Anchor, and Ashtray Maze) from the story campaign, after completion. Plus there's a new horde mode called Crowd Control which will reward players with a new outfit for Jesse. If that wasn't enough, there's also a new time trial mode called Deadline which put players against the clock.


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