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22nd September 2019
Rumour: Alan Wake Coming To Nintendo Switch

It's been sixteen years since a Remedy game has been ported to a Nintendo device, but that may change soon if a recent rumour is to be believed!

A number of platform-dedicated websites including Nintendo LifeMy Nintendo NewsGoNintendo, and Nintendo Enthusiast, plus other gaming media, Play Crazy GameSegment NextGame Revolution and more have reported on the rumour that Alan Wake could be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Which is exciting news if true!

The rumour first originated when Doctre81, who had previously found evidence pointing to a port of Witcher 3 on Switch prior to its announcement, discovered a mention on LinkedIn talking about an action-adventure remake in development for the Switch.

The company in question was Virtuos, who has recently worked on ports of The Outer Worlds and LA Noire for Switch. Interestingly the team has also had a close working relationship with Alan Wake's publisher and Quantum Break IP owner, Microsoft Studios.

While originally holding console exclusivity rights for Alan Wake, Remedy reacquired them from Microsoft this July. The transition now allows Remedy to bring Alan Wake to another console such as the PlayStation 4 or Switch, a topic which has sparked a number of theories in the media.

As Remedy has a long-lasting policy of not commenting on rumours, and as Alan Wake isn't a Virtuos IP, we're unlikely to hear anything for a while, but we hope it is true and will keep you up to date on any related news.


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