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1st July 2019
Remedy Acquires Alan Wake Publishing Rights

Today Remedy's Board of Directors released a press release announcing that the developers have now acquired the publishing rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft which had previously held console exclusivity.

In relation to the announcement, the Finnish studio has also received a one-time payment of 2.5 million euros, royalties from previously released titles. As the money is being put into the investment of new projects, it will not impact the firm's financial results.

At present, Remedy is working on three projects; finishing work on Control and preparing for its launch on August 27th, working in collaboration with Smilegate on Crossfire X, and continued work on a third unannounced game. In addition to the development of the three games, Remedy is also working with Contradiction Films to pitch an Alan Wake TV show.

You can read the full press release, HERE

Source: Remedy


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