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23rd September 2019
ArtStation Filled With Stunning Concept Artwork of Control

Recently, a number of artists involved in Control's look have shared their behind-the-scenes work with the community on ArtStation.

Some were involved with the project from the development side and based at Remedy, whereas others worked for studios that provided outsourced artwork and models. A few were also recruited as freelancers to work on additional content such as the dynamic PS4 themes.

There are dozens of gorgeous pieces of artwork ranging from initial concept artwork, promotional art, character designs, costume designs, and so much more! I'm seriously in awe of the work, so if you haven't seen the work so far, definitely make sure to check out the incredible work on Art Station, HERE

Environment Art by Masao Ogino,  Senior Environment Artist.

The list of Control artists include Miro Vesterinen (Senior Environment Artist), Raja Ghosh (Environment Artist), Sebastian Schulz (Environment Artist), Ajita Roy (Senior Environment Artist), Áureo Lorenzo (Senior Concept Artist), Artem Feodoroff (Senior Outsourcing Artist), Elias Frenckell (Character Artist), Daniel Garcia (3D Character Artist), Teppo Ylitalo (Junior Environment Artist), Leonardo Calamati (Senior Concept Artist), Ivan Skorodumov (Character Artist), Stuart MacDonald (World Design Director), Maiju Härkönen (Character Artist), Masao Ogino (Senior Environment Artist), Maikki Leppäaho (Junior Environment Artist), George Phillips (Lighting Artist), Antti Puomio (Character Artist), Ron Haimov (Lighting Artist), Damian Stempniewski (Lead Lighting Aritst), and Martin Vierne (former Principal Environment Artist, now at Redhill Games), and Toros Kose (Freelance art director & designer), Alex Franks (Freelance Artist) and Faraz Shanyar (Concept Artist).  In addition to Room & Studio's outsourced artwork, inlcuding pieces by Stanislav Bidiuk.

- While not included in the AS list, it's also worth mentioning the work by Remedy's Costume Artist, Heli Salomaa, who also updated her Art Station portfolio in recent days!

(Please note: all titles were taken from the artist's job description on Art Station, but there may be some discrepancies if a move or job change happened recently.)


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