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21st September 2019
Control Makes Appearance at Tokyo Game Show Ahead of December Launch [Plus Interviews]

Remedy's Communications Director was at Tokyo Game Show this week, to talk about Control in its lead up to its launch in Japan later this year. Naturally, the fact that Hideo Kojima's upcoming game, Death Stranding, was at the event was completely and utterly coincidental, although it was nice to see him squeeze in a studio visit while he was in town.

Tokyo Game Show is a two-day event which was held between 12-15th September (the weekdays being exclusive to press with the weekend open to the public). It was located at the Makuhari Messe, with the event held the Mihama-ku ward in Chiba city, just outside of Tokyo. With an estimated visitor count of 250,000 and a projected booth count of 2,000 with 655 exhibitors, the show was one to look out for, particularly if you were fans of Death Stranding or Final Fantasy VII.

As Remedy's latest game, Control, will be launching in Japan on December 12th, the developers made an appearance to kickstart a new localised promotional campaign. At the event, Thomas Puha (Communications Director) spoke to IGN Japan live on their TGS broadcast (below) in a lengthy thirty-minute interview and sat down with media including 4gamer, Famitsu, Game Spark, Ascii, and  Game Watch.

Remedy's latest game, Control, will be launching in Japan on December 12th in collaboration with local publisher, Marvelous.


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