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29th June 2019
Devcom Announces New Speakers for 2019

E3 2019 only closed its doors a couple of weeks ago, but already the first details about Remedy's Gamescom plans are being revealed, starting with Devcom

Devcom starts just ahead of Gamescom, taking place between August 17-19th at the Congress Center East in Cologne. It's a conference just for game developers to network and to learn more about other studios. The first official day begins on August 17th and consists of a networking dinner, but it's on the two following days that talks and workshops take place. On those days, there are two familiar names from Remedy stepping up on stage to deliver lectures. 

The first is Matias Myllyrinne who held the position of CEO at Remedy until June 2015 when he announced his departure. He has since founded a brand new mobile studio called Redhill Games in November 2018, with their first project currently in development. 

The second is Tero Virtala, Remedy's current CEO who succeeded Matias in August 2016, following the launch of Quantum Break. Since he has taken over the role, he has overseen the company transition from a single project studio into a multi-project studio, a format which currently sees three games in production. 

Neither Matias' or Tero's talks have been scheduled and, as of yet, their topics haven't been revealed, but we'll let you know as soon as we have more details. 


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