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28th June 2019
Post-E3 2019 Control Previews Wrap-Up #2

It's been about a week since our last E3 2019 wrap-up, featuring articles and interviews published after event doors closed on June 13th. While there was a lot of content posted after the date, even two weeks later, Control is still being talked about on gaming websites.

Take a look at all of the new content, released over the past week: 

[INTERVIEW] How Remedy's Control Will Trust Players To Figure Out Its Unreal Story
     Gamespot (Interview with Mikael Kasurinen and Brooke Maggs)

However, diving into Control and experiencing its bizarre story makes for a surprisingly alluring adventure. It intentionally keeps you in a state of confusion, but for good reason. This conceit of simultaneously unraveling Control's complex story while exploring a massive, interconnected, brutalist labyrinth at your leisure was an opportunity that was too good to pass up for Remedy. During E3 2019, we spent time playing the game ahead of its August 27 release and spoke with narrative designer Brooke Maggs and game director Mikael Kasurinen about the making of the game, and how it changed their approach to understanding storytelling in games.
Read the full interview, here!

[INTERVIEW] Unleash Your Psychic Powers In Control
     Den of Geek News (Interview with Mikael Kasurinen and Brooke Maggs)

[INTERVIEW] Remedy's Sam Lake On Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima, and Control
     Game Informer (Interview with Sam Lake)

[PREVIEW] E3 2019 Hands-on: ‘Control’ was one of the Best Games Playable
    Goomba Stomp
I got hands on with a lot of games at E3 2019, but getting to play Control was absolutely the highlight of my experience at the conference. Created by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games, the supernatural action-adventure title blew me away and left me wanting more, more, more. This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Control at E3, as the title was announced as a part of Sony’s 2018 presentation, but this was the first time that anyone has gotten to actually get hands-on with the title, and the experience was totally worth the wait. Honestly, if 505 had given me an opportunity to play the same demo level of Control all day long, I absolutely would have skipped out on all my appointments (don’t tell my editor, please) just to get my fill.
Read Ty's full write-up of the E3, here! 

[INTERVIEW & PREVIEW] Control - Story, Gameplay, and RTX Integration

[WRAP-UP] The four best 2019 games we played at E3
     The Sydney Morning Herald
This year's E3 conference in Los Angeles was host to hundreds of video games of all sizes and genres, and in various degrees of playabilty. Most big 2020 games, including Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel's Avengers, were strictly hands-off, even for press. But there was plenty at the show that was playable, and I took in as much of it as I could over the week. Of everything I got my hands on, there are the four games scheduled for release in 2019 that I'm most excited to continue playing.
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[PREVIEW] Control PC First Look: The Most Impressive Ray Traced Game Yet?
     Digital Foundry

[PREVIEW] Jogamos Control, Novo Game Do Estúdio De Alan Wake
     IGN (Brazil)
Existe algo muito atraente em games que envolvem ação e poderes sobrenaturais, e não é a toa que a expectativa é positiva para Control, game assinado pela Remedy, mesmo estúdio de Alan Wake, Quantum Break e Max Payne. O jogo reúne uma trama repleta de mistérios em um mundo surreal que pode se modificar completamente quando você menos espera.


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