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30th June 2018
Community Spotlight June Part 2 / Control Creations

Earlier this month, we featured a selection of amazing pieces of Control fan art for this month's Community Spotlight. Today we are back with a selection of new pieces uploaded or discovered since the article was posted. (If you haven't checked our earlier community post, click HERE to load it in a new tab. There's so many stunning projects there!)

Two years ago, we featured rmilo's beautiful Quantum Break artwork, including a handmade CFR. Since then her work has somehow been getting better and better with each piece. (Stop that lady, you're making the rest of us look bad!) Her style is both interesting and very much her own, giving each piece a lovely uniqueness.
Katerina is a name that you've probably have never heard of, having avoided the Remedy community since joining it years ago and having the "you can always tell a Milford man" reaction when discovered by fans in the internet wilderness.... okay in truth, Katerina (aka @SeaCat2401) is A) one of the most welcoming people you could ever meet, B) an enthusiastic and active artist and C) single handedly created the deviantArt page for all things Remedy. If you're looking for an encouraging, artistic community definitely make sure to check it out! I cannot recommend it enough.

Evil Owl Loki's work always makes me smile. From Max Payne to Jesse Faden, her detailed and impressive digital pieces of the Remedy protagonists have always made an impression on me. Her latest piece, inspired by Control is definitely no exception! Like Remedy, she does hauntingly beautiful looks incredibly well!
I had known rmilo, Evil-Owl-Loki and Katerina for a few years by this point, they're wonderful friends and artists, and definitely people to follow if you're active in the Remedy community. It's also really nice seeing artwork from talented artists I'm slightly less familiar with, making Kopf Stoff's recent tweet a really lovely surprise. The work is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous style and sense of space, everything about the piece beams with Control's themes, adding to that specialness.

While Twitter has been buzzing with new Control artwork, some beautiful pieces have been posted on the Official Remedy Forums. New forum member, havok, have been treating members and visitors to images inspired by the game's brutalist art design. So far there's been three haunting shots uploaded, and they're definitely worth a look! Click HERE for more!


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