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18th June 2018
Community Spotlight: The Community's Control Creations

Since it's reveal last week, Control has gotten quite a bit attention from the international gaming community. While the media has been covering the game and reveals from the show floor, fans have been celebrating the announcements from home. Some have put thoughts to words through their blogs, others posted their opinions on social media, and for some they've picked up their tablets or pencils to create stunning fan art.

Here's a collection of some of the amazing creations that have been posted by the Remedy community in response to Control's reveal. 

Long time Remedy fan, Patrick from PayneReactor has created a specialised hub for the game on his website. The hub features a lot of information on the title including official screenshots, story information, trailers, interviews and more. 

In other fansite news, our friends at ComunidadRemedy also wrote an in-depth post announcing the reveal on their website, compiling everything we know so far. You can check it out below:

We also have a wonderful trove of fan art including this beautiful piece by Carla, featuring all of the Remedy protagonists responding to Jesse Faden's recent arrival. This was one of the first pieces of Control artwork posted just a few hours after the trailer went live.

Toey makes incredibly cute fan art, and the latest piece, inspired by Control's arrival, is definitely no exception. Like Carla, Toey's Jesse crashes into the piece taking Max, Alan, and Jack by surprise. Their reactions are gold.

If you're active in the Remedy community, chances are that you've already heard about Katerina (also known by her username @SeaCat2401). She's a wonderful person who has created the deviantArt page, RemedyEntertainment, a group which celebrates the artistic creations of the fandom. In tribute to Control's reveal, she's created a dedicated folder for the game and created her own special piece.

Another fan quick after the reveal was cosplayer Emme-Gray, who created the first Control cosplay, portraying Jesse in a perfect photoshoot. It's great to see her cosplaying Remedy games again, after her Alan Wake and American Nightmare projects a few years ago. For more of her work, make sure to check out her deviantArt page!

Melissa (also known as melfpic) is also an incredibly active fanartist in the community, producing a wonderful series of digital artwork inspired by Quantum Break. Recently she turned her attention to Control with another gorgeous piece.

Another great piece of Control fan art on Instagram is made by Isidora (username, ette_lette) showcasing Jesse's shield telekinetic ability. The piece is both stylised and stylish with a perfect use of the game's colour scheme.

Speaking of stylised pieces, AG's (@ag_aagee on Twitter) Control artwork is beautifully bold with eye-catching reds and blacks in a faithful lineart sketch of the protagonist. Jesse looks so good!

Our final spotlighted piece for today comes from Greg (@grigouips on Twiter) whose stunning Jesse-inspired piece is part of a collage featuring Amicia from A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Ellie from The Last of Us II in tribute to E3 2018's heroines.

If you've created Control fan art, let us know! We'd love to feature it! You can get in contact through email at, on our Facebook page (TheSuddenStop), or our Twitter account (@TheSuddenStop).


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