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1st July 2018
E3 Wrap Up / The Awards and Nominations Post

E3 is considered to be the Shangri-La of gaming, a place where new games are revealed and where the future of the industry is shaped. It's an amazing and an incredibly geeky event, but it isn't without its difficulties. Things such as "con-crash", heavier work demands, travel, and terrible internet. Access to wifi on-site is pricey and a little unpredictable, add on top of that a hectic schedule and there's only a couple of patches throughout the day to allow to you properly catch up on how the internet is reacting to your game.

With that in mind, a tradition I really love about events like E3 and Gamescom is how journalists show their love for games which interested them at the show. Awards and nominations are placed near the game's logo at their booth. And despite not having a playable demo and was shown to the press behind closed doors, Control received numerous plaques throughout the event.

Just some of the awards and nominations photographed include: GamesRadar+ (Best of E3 2018 Award), Monster Vine (Best of E3 2013), Game Informer (Best in Show Nominee), TechRaptor (Best of E3 2018), (Best of the Show), PS Nation (Best of 2018), Hardcore Gamer (Best of E3 2018 Nominee), WorthPlaying (Best of E3 2018 Nominee), WorthPlaying (Best of E3 2018 Finalist), NewGameNetwork (Best of E3 2018 Winner), PCGamer (Best of E3 2018 Nominee), Twinfinite (Best of E3 2018), and Gamespot (Best of E3 2018 Winner)


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