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23rd June 2018
Post-E3 2018 Wrap Up #1
[Interviews w. Sam Lake, Anna Megill, Thomas Puha, Mikael Kasurinen, & Sergey Mohov]

It's been about a week since E3 drew to a close, and while we had a lot of Control-related news throughout the event, there's been a long list of new additions these past few days.

There's been a flood of new interviews with developers such as Sam Lake (Creative Director), Anna Megill (Narrative Lead), Thomas Puha (Head of Communications),  Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) and  Sergey Mohov (Game Designer). And there's also been a variety of new demo articles discussing everything from the constantly-shifting house to Jesse's firearm.

Check out our collection of new articles from the past week:

We have New Interviews... 

E3 2018: Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment Takes A Deep Dive into Control
     Newegg Studios
"JC Bagnell talks to Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment, to get some insights into the mysterious world of Control, the newest game from the studio. Control is a supernatural action game in the "new weird" genre, and looks to be an evolution of the Alan Wake style of spooky storytelling combined with intense action mixing gunplay with mystical abilities. Lake talks about the origins of the world, the nature of the game's protagonist Jesse, and why Remedy is making a more open-ended and sandbox style of game after all these years."

What Is Remedy's Latest Game, Control? - E3 Live 2018
"What is Remedy's Latest Game, Control? Remedy's back again with another reality bending shooter, Control. Join Ryan and Max as they chat about what to expect from the game."
Control on PS4 - In-Depth Look At This Mysterious Shooter
     Playstation Access
"Control was revealed as Remedy's new title at the PlayStation Showcase 2018. Hollie has been behind-closed-doors to find out everything she can about this gorgeous and mysterious game."

Control Director Explains Remedy’s Vision For Its Next Big Game | E3 2018
"We sit down with Mikael Kasurinen from Remedy to dissect Control’s fascinating world."

Remedy Hints That 'Control' Could Be Their First Foray Into Games-As-A-Service
“Instead of just doing this one linear story that just starts and it ends and you're done — we wanted to turn that around a bit and start with the actual world,” Kasurinen continued. “What is the world that we want to create? We started talking to Sam about the house, what kind of location it is, how it keeps shifting its shape — it’s somehow larger on the inside than it is on the outside. It looks like a normal building, but once you go in, it seems to infinitely expand into all directions.”

Read Mikael Kasurinen's full interview with GameDaily, HERE.

Remedy Doubles Down on Narrative Gaming with Control
"One of the pleasant surprises at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) game trade show last week came from Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games. They announced the cross-platform game Control, a supernatural third-person action-adventure game. It’s a big investment in a new franchise and one that emphasizes the single-player experience that other companies are talking about avoiding."

Read Sam Lake's and Anna Megill's interview with VentureBeat, HERE.

‘Control’ Was Inspired by the New Weird of ‘Annihilation,’ Themes of ‘Alan Wake’
"'What if this is the ocean?' It was a thought I couldn’t get out of my head after watching a short demo of Remedy Games’ upcoming action game rife with elements of new weird fiction, magic realism, and supernatural surprises. While 'Control' is clearly meant to be its own thing, an entirely new creative work birthed by the team at Remedy Games, its key conceit brought to mind the ending of 2010’s 'Alan Wake,' in which the protagonist of the psychological thriller utters a confounding last line: 'It’s not a lake — it’s an ocean.'"

Read Sam Lake's and Anna Megill's interview with Variety, HERE.
Remedy's Sam Lake Opens Up About Having The Freedom To Be Weird Again
"As discussed in an earlier article, the demo I saw was beautiful, haunting, and filled with strangely alluring touches that beg for explanation. During my interview with director Mikael Kasurinen, he compared Control's atmosphere to that of Annihilation, a book (and a Netflix film) that purposefully obscures cause-and-effect dynamics to keep you guessing. Shortly after the demo, I also had the chance to speak with Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy who's had a long and interesting career working on Max Payne, Alan Wake, and prior to Control, Quantum Break."

Read Sam Lake's interview with GameSpot, HERE.

How Remedy Entertainment's Control Is Not Like Quantum Break
"Many spectators from home would agree, Sony’s E3 press conference lacked pizzaz and stumbled after the first bit; but it recovered. Every reveal gave us actual gameplay, and Remedy’s Control was among them. Originally nicknamed P7, Control bears many visual similarities to Quantum Break (Remedy’s Xbox One exclusive), similarities that fans noticed. Thus, Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy, explained how the IP is different."

Read Thomas Puha's Interview on the differences between Control and Remedy's previous work on COGConnected, HERE.

Control E3 2018 Interview With Remedy’s Mikael Kasurinen: Metroidvania, SCP Influences, Single Player Only
"Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming project, titled Control, was first revealed during Sony’s E3 showcase last week. This third-person paranormal shooter drew a lot of inspiration from their previous works, especially Quantum Break. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director on Control, to discuss some of the inspiration behind Remedy Entertainment’s latest multiplatform project and what fans can expect from their time spent within the Bureau."

Read Mikael's interview with Wccftech, HERE.

Control is a ritual-obsessed, supernatural action game from the creator of Quantum Break
     The Verge
"For the past few years, Remedy Entertainment has toyed with different ways to tell its stories. Its thriller game Alan Wake played out through episodic installments, not unlike a TV show. Sci-fi action-adventure game Quantum Break took the idea of television more literally, with a live-action series grafted on to a game. If players expect the developer’s latest game, Control, to follow in these more experimental footsteps, however, they’re in for a surprise. “With Control, we’re focusing on other ways of telling stories,” says game designer Sergey Mohov. Rather than toying with the conventions of television, it will be a game focused on environmental storytelling, and the missions that players embark on will be more than just linear fetch quests."

Read Sergey's full interview with The Verge, HERE.

...And New Previews! 

Everything We Learned About Remedy's Control At E3 2018
"From Control's E3 trailer, gamers gathered that the game will feature quite a few supernatural elements as well as yet another deep narrative created by legendary video game writer and artist Sam Lake (co-founder of Remedy Entertainment). Plus, the main character's gravity-bending powers, not to mention the artistic style of the game, gives the title an edge over other third-person action-adventure games. And that's something that we learned more about at E3."

Check out Screenrant's Control preview, HERE.

Watch Us Discuss Why Control Was One Of Our Favorite Games At E3
"In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, Kimberley Wallace, and Brian Shea talk about seeing the behind-closed-doors gameplay demo for Control from Remedy and how it compares to Quantum Break."

Watch their discussion on the GI site, HERE.

E3 2018: CONTROL is What Happens if David Lynch Would Have Made Max Payne
"Control's mood is what happens if Twin Peaks and Die Hard took place in the same universe. In the demo we were shown, Jesse is trapped in the building and tasked to find a man named Rooney. Jesse finds herself searching the office building full of flickering fluorescent lights, randomly floating bodies and an audio design that trumps some of the best horror movies ever made."

Click HERE to read ComicsBeat full preview.

Control Makes Government Work Cool Somehow
"Jesse approaches her work with the resignation of someone duty-bound. This cosmic nightmare is her responsibility to correct, and she’s resolute in her focus on the task. This focus, in combination with the constant influx of bizarre arcane forces, creates a fascinating narrative that I’m eager to investigate in greater detail. The possibilities contained within The Oldest House are more or less limitless, with the space inside capable of shifting in world-shattering ways. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for more information on Control in the days to come."

Read COGConnected impressions, HERE.

Control’s Haunted Dream Prison Looks Pretty Stunning
"Control is set in a severe New York City building called The Oldest House, and the reveal trailer shows it shifting and rearranging itself around protagonist Jesse Faden, who carries a pistol that seems to be doing the same thing. The structure is the home of the Federal Bureau of Control, which apparently specializes in surveillance and non-Euclidean geometry."

Read PCGamesN's article, HERE.

Remedy’s Control Offers a Supernatural Take on 1984, with Metroidvania Elements and Shape-Shifting Buildings
"For a long time, Remedy’s new game has been known only as P7, but what’s now known as Control is shaping up to be quite the intriguing third-person shooter. It turns out that actually the word shape has quite a lot to do with what makes Control look quite so interesting, especially when it comes to the locale and the weaponry you’ll have at your disposal."

Check out GamesRadar+ preview, HERE.

E3 2018 Preview: Control Dives into the Depths of the New Weird 
     Playstation Lifestyle
"Needless to say, excitement is quite high for Control, Remedy’s newly revealed third-person action-adventure mystery. Players will become Jesse, the newly minted Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. This secretive government agency is tasked with handling the supernatural and the weird, but there are clearly a lot of other secrets present that Remedy isn’t ready to reveal quite yet. Jesse’s appointment to the Director’s seat is also shrouded in mystery right now, but along with it comes a bunch of really cool abilities and a shapeshifting gun, so it can’t be all bad, right?"

Catch Playstation Lifestyle's Control coverage, HERE.


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