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15th June 2018
Day 3 of E3 2018 / Final Day! [Updated 16/6]
[All the Interviews!]

We're into the home stretch! With E3 drawing to a close and developers returning home, it's time to reflect on the final day of announcements and exclusives.

The last day brought a crazy amount of interviews with Control's writers, with Sam and Anna talking to Shacknews, IGN, GameInformer, and GameReactor. Naturally there's going to be a lot of articles posted in the coming week once the jetlag settles a little, and we'll compile those in a post-E3 article next week.

In the meantime, check out the previews below for more Control-goodness!

Lets Get To Some Interviews:

Uncovering the Secrets of Control - Electric Playground Interview [New!]
     Electric Playground
"Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment is working on a mysterious new science fiction game called Control. Victor Lucas caught up with creative director Sam Lake at E3 2018 for a closer look at the new game, and the history of the studio!"

Introducing Control: The Supernatural Action-Adventure Game from Remedy Entertainment
     E3 Coliseum
"Get an exclusive first look at the next game from the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Previously known only by its codename, “P7”, and revealed for the first time at E3 2018, Control is a third-person action-adventure game combining Remedy’s trademark gunplay with supernatural abilities."

E3 Live - Control with Sam Lake and Anna from Remedy
Sam Lake (Creative Director) and Anna Megill (Narrative Lead) talks to Shacknews about the wonderful weird world of Control.

What is Remedy's Latest Game, Control? - E3 Live 2018
"Remedy's back again with another reality bending shooter, Control. Join Ryan and Max as they chat about what to expect from the game" Interviews with Sam Lake (Creative Director) and Anna Megill (Narrative Lead).

Watch the video on IGN, HERE.
Remedy's New Game Control Will Take Place In One Location
"Alan Wake developers Remedy recently announced its new paranormal action-adventure, Control, during E3. After the reveal we had a chance to talk to creative director Sam Lake and find out some more details about this mysterious title."

Watch GameReactor's interview with Control's Creative Director, Sam Lake, HERE.
Could This Be The Ultimate Realization Of Remedy's Vision?
During PlayStation's E3 2018 press briefing, Remedy wowed attendees and viewers with the first trailer of its upcoming game, Control. The trailer was exciting but left more questions than answers. Thankfully, I met with Remedy to see the game in action and learn more about the company's mysterious new world.

Click HERE to read Creative Director Sam Lake's full interview with GameInformer.

We Have More Preview Write-Ups:

Impressions Round 3 - Cyberpunk 2077, Spider-Man, Control and more - E3 2018
     Easy Allies
Ian Hinck, Bradley Ellis, Michael Huber, and Ben Moore from Easy Allies discuss Cyberpunk 2077, Spider-Man, Mega Man 11, Forza Horizon 4 and Control.

Supernatural shooter 'Control' gets first gameplay footage from E3 2018
     Windows Central
"While the trailer teased some gameplay, it didn't give us a better look at the mechanics. Luckily, an interview after the PlayStation E3 2018 briefing provided a lot of answers. Control definitely looks like an evolution of Quantum Break and hopefully it'll be more successful than the latter. The gameplay is very similar, but instead of time-manipulation powers you're blessed with telekinesis."

Read Windows Central full article, HERE.

International Articles:

Suurtuotannoistaan tunnettu suomalainen peliyhtiö Remedy esitteli Los Angelesissa odotetun uutuuspelinsä – Tämän takia se voi olla seuraava suomalainen hittipeli
     Helsingin Sanomat / Nyt
"Suomalainen videopeliyhtiö Remedy esitteli pelialan E3-messuilla Los Angelesissa tiistaiaamuna Suomen aikaa uutta peliään nimeltä Control, joka tunnettiin aiemmin vain koodinimellä Project 7 eli P7."

Click HERE to read Helsingin Sanomat's full interview with Sam Lake (Creative Director), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), and Thomas Puha (Head of Communication).


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