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4th August 2014
XBOX Briefing and Booth Details at Gamescom

Whether you're travelling to the show, or just following the news from the comfort of your own living room, there are a number of ways that you can follow Remedy's adventures during Gamescom. Our Community Manager, Lauri, has posted a quick message on the forums mentioning how you can stay updated:

XBOX Briefing!
Microsoft are holding a conference on Tuesday 12th August in which they will reveal new information regarding their upcoming games, and according to the post, this may be something you would want to check out! There may be a thing there. Perhaps. :)

The show will be broadcast on XBOX and Twitch. I will post links on here and our social media channels closer to the date, so stay tuned!

Attending the Show?
If you're travelling to the show, first of all bring water. Seriously. All of the water. Secondly you may want to check out the Remedy booth which will be located in the Microsoft area. Lauri will be one of the developers that will be at the show and he invites you to come by and say hello.

Original Post on the Remedy Forums. (Source)

Make sure to check out the Xbox briefing on Tuesday 12th of August (broadcast on Xbox and Twitch). And if you're lucky enough to actually attend Gamescom, come and say hi at our booth in the Xbox area!

I might not be there 24/7, but you'll recognize me as a tall disoriented dude wearing a Quantum Break / Remedy hoodie and wandering around the event area. And don't mistake me as the other tall dude wearing a similar hoodie, because he has a camera on his shoulder and there's a risk that you might end up in our making of footage.


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