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20th July 2014
XBOX Entertainment Studios To Close

Last Friday, Microsoft announced that they will be closing down their TV division, XBOX Entertainment Studios, within the next year. This plan is part of Microsoft's restructuring which will affect around 18,000 employees. The closure of any studio is far from ideal for the employees, and I wish those affected by this, all the best. The restructuring will also create a number of new jobs within the company, but for those seeking employment elsewhere, packages will be available where possible, to aid in the job transition.

You can find more information regarding Microsoft's restructuring, HERE.

Despite the restructuring, a number of projects will remain unaffected including the Signal to Noise documentary series, Halo Nightfall and the Halo television series. Speaking to Polygon, Microsoft released a statement regarding Quantum Break, which announced that work on the title's television show aspect has been unaffected, in spite of these changes. They have also confirmed that the title will be shown, as planned, at this year's Gamescom.

For the original report at Polygon, click HERE.


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