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4th June 2024
Summer Game Fest Shares Debut Trailer featuring Night Springs DLC

With Summer Game Fest 2024 creeping ever closer, Geoff Keighley, the show's host and creator, has shared the first look at some of the games set to be featured during Friday's livestream.

The almost two-minute trailer teases adventures from a range of different genres, culminating in a shot of our favourite fictional talk show host, Mr Warlin Door played by David Harewood, stating, "Night Springs. A special place. A shifting space." Seven months after the release of the base game, we're already speeding into the marketing for its first DLC paid expansion, Night Springs

So, what is Summer Game Fest? Originally set up in 2020 as an alternative to E3 when it closed during the pandemic, Summer Game Fest is a celebration of international games and talent. The event officially kicks off this Friday at 10pm BST (GMT +1) with a live broadcast from the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, where we will get a deeper look at the upcoming games and updates. A follow-up, invite-only event called Play Days will take place following the show, across June 8th-10th, for select media and influencers to get a closer look at the games on show. Last year, Alan Wake 2 was a big name at the events (check out our coverage list!), and Remedy may be hoping to capitalize on the game's success there with Night Springs

While we don't know for sure what will be shown, Vida Starčević (Senior Community Manager at Remedy) tweeted to keep an eye out for Gamespot Summer Live Show hosted by Lucy James and Tamoor Hussain, and particularly tune in on June 9th. You can watch Gamespot's livestream on their YouTube channel. 


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