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30th May 2024
Rewatch Today's Alan Wake 2 The Dark Place Dev Stream w. Nazareno Urbano, Admir Burnić, and Dimitri Giacoletto

This afternoon, Remedy wrapped up the fourth and final Alan Wake 2 developer livestream in which the team revisited The Dark Place, and looked back at the process of creating a hostile and breathing city.

While the developer livestream was taking place, the We In Games Finland x Remedy gathering was broadcast in a different part of the building. So, if you missed the dev stream or couldn't watch all of it, you can find the entire broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, available now.

Vida Starčević (Senior Community Manager) was back as host for the two-hour broadcast, which featured very special guests Nazareno Urbano (Lead Environment Artist), Admir Burnić (Level Designer), and Dimitri Giacoletto (Level Designer).

In the latest livestream, the team looked back at creating survival horror, changes that took place to the level design throughout development, and designing the Dark Presence. They also revisited some work-in-progress videos and discussed the challenges of working on an early build; envisioning the design intent when faced with grey boxes. 

As always, the above video has been embedded with Twitch and YouTube chat, so you can follow the community discussions regardless of where you watch.

Today marked the final scheduled broadcast, but if you missed any of the previous three livestreams, you can catch them anytime on YouTube, HERE


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