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30th June 2024
Poets of the Fall & Remedy Attends Tuska 2024
[Interview Incoming via Bleeding Metal Podcast]

In Helsinki, this weekend marks both Pride and Tuska, the country's largest heavy metal festival; two huge events to coerce even the most home-loving introvert. Remedy and Poets of the Fall were in attendance on Saturday with a discussion on music in games at the Tuksa Forum. 

Hosted by Bleeding Metal, the Tuska Forum takes a behind the scenes look at the music industry, with interviews and discussion panels set throughout the three-day event. On Saturday (June 29th), they sat down with Ville Sorsa (Principal Audio Designer at Remedy) and Poets of the Fall's Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen (with a possible Olli Tukiainen joining the festivities) for the Gaming & Music With Remedy Games and Poets of the Fall 45-minute discussion starting at 15:00. 

While we learned about the event following Poets of the Fall's photograph, it turns out that Bleeding Metal uploads all of their interviews from Tuska as part of their podcast series.  While we don't have confirmation of which language the discussion will be in, the podcast episodes are usually conducted in English. We'll let you know as soon as the episode goes live.

Source: Poets of the Fall & Tuska


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