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2nd July 2024
New Night Springs Character Profiles: The Sibling

Today, Remedy posted what is likely to be the third and final post in their Night Springs character profiles series, a social media feature spotlighting protagonists from the newly launched Alan Wake 2 expansion. Long-time fans may recognise the marketing tradition, which originated with Control and continued for Alan Wake 2. 

Night Springs is the first of two planned paid expansion packs for Alan Wake 2. In the adventure, the player can explore three episodes of the fiction Twin Peak-style TV show, Night Springs, written by Alan Wake and hosted by Warlin Door.

For their third post, they return to the second episode and take a closer look at the backstory of The Sibling, star of North Star, and portrayed by the brilliant Courtney Hope.

The post reads, "She has been searching for her brother for what feels like her entire life. He was taken by a convert sinister government agency when they were just children. Now she's tracked down her brother and that same agency is trying to stop her from finding out the truth. But she will not give up. The trailer is as hot as the coffee in... Night Springs."


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