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6th May 2024
Remedy Celebrates 10K Discord Members with Fan Art Competition [NOW OPEN]

Last week, Remedy celebrated its 10,000th member joining the official studio Discord server!

To celebrate the milestone, the community team set up two special events...

The first was an Alan Wake 2 voice event arranged on the server, which went live earlier today. Hosted by Vida Starčević (Senior Community Manager) and Julius Fondem (Community Manager), the discussion featured a number of new names in the spotlight; Dustin Meijer (Gameplay Programmer), Robin Meijer (Development Manager), Karen Soh (Senior Cinematic Designer), and Inka Timonen (QA Tester). We're currently checking around for a recording, as it would be great to have an archive of the discussion. If you have one, please let us know!

That's not all, though! This afternoon, the second event also kicked off: an Alan Wake 2 fan art competition, with the community itself judging. Like with any good competition, there's a range of prizes up for grabs, including an extra special Alan Wake x Airam thermos signed by the development team. 

Interested in jumping in? Check out what you have to do below, and make sure to sign up to the Discord server if you haven't already done so. (You will also find the instructions on the #announcements page there.)

Community fanart competition – you choose the winners!

To celebrate our server passing 10k members, we invite you, creatives of all kinds, to share your talents with us. 

SUBMISSIONS OPEN: Monday, 6th May 2024 16:00 EEST

Here's how to participate:

1️⃣ Submit your fan art in a format of your choice (writing up to 400 words, digital/traditional art, photography, cosplay, etc.) in the #fanart channel starting Monday, 6th May 2024 16:00 EEST. If you like, you can include supporting text of no more than 100 words with your submission.

2️⃣ React to your post with ⭐. Your post will then be sent to #10k-fanart-competition by our bot Barry. In the#10k-fanart-competition channel other community members can vote for your entry by reacting to it with the ⭐ emoji. The first, second, and third place winners will be decided based on which posts/entries have the most star emoji reactions. The community picks the winners!

The prizes will be as follows:
🥇 First place – Oh Deer Diner thermos (in a box signed by the AW2 dev team)
🥈 Second place – Alex Casey themed poster
🥉 Third place – Oh Deer Diner coffee mug
🏅 We will also be giving out a special fourth prize – one entry will be picked as a fourth, bonus winner by the Remedy team, and the winner will receive an FBC pin.

The competition is open worldwide! We only ask that all entrants are 18+ years old. You can read the full terms and conditions here: Our general competition privacy policy is here:


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