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3rd May 2024
Remedy Sweden Celebrates One Year in New Studio

On April 19th, Remedy shared the anniversary celebrations that took place at their Stockholm... home.

While Remedy's Swedish location originally opened its doors in mid-September 2022, a milestone celebrated late last year with a special mixer, this tribute marks one year since they moved into their official home in Södermalm. For the first seven months, the team had been in a temporary studio in the same building while their permanent studio underwent renovations. 

The studio wrote about the milestone on Instagram, "This week marks the one-year anniversary of Remedy's Stockholm office! We had the pleasure of celebrating with our CEO, Tero Virtala, and our CCO, Johannes Paloheimo. With the help of bubbles and cake, we looked back on the achievements and memories we've shared over the past year.Thank you to all our colleagues who supported us and made this possible!"

How Remedy Sweden came about.
The trial for a second studio went ahead in 2020, led by the General Manager of the Vanguard (now "Kestal") project, Johannes Mang. After a year in the works, Johannes stated that “the shift to location-agnostic work in the wake of COVID made us realize that Remedy is a state of mind, rather than a place in Finland”. It houses approximately thirty employees on site.

Photographs by Valeria Rossi and Mitra Kasagianni.


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