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7th May 2024
Alan Wake 2 Actor, Doug Cockle Stars In Dungeons & Dragons RPG Show, Natural Six

If you're looking for some escapism in the evenings, you may want to check out this! Doug Cockle, the amazing actor behind Alan Wake 2's FBI Agent Robert Nightingale, is part of the brand new Dungeons & Dragons actual play show, Natural Six, featuring a star-studded cast!

The project first gained industry attention as a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, in which 907 backers pledged £67,932 before fundraising wrapped up in late November.

The YouTube channel has recently gone live and already has three incredible episodes spanning almost three hours each. For each episode, the team comes together again to talk about the recent experience in a Post-Show special. 

From L-R, Aoife Wilson, Doug Cockle, Harry McEntire, Ben Starr, Hollie Bennett, Alex Jordan

Writing about the show, the group reveals that "Natural Six is a team of friendly and dynamic storytellers with unique voices and experiences that we can’t wait to share. You might recognise some of us already or recognise our voices from some of your favourite games. But we can show you a side of us you’ve never seen or heard before. Not all of us are expert D&D players. In fact, prior to Session Zero some had never picked up a d20 before. But with a rich home-brewed world and a charismatic (and devilishly suave) Game Master, Natural Six will take you on a journey filled with moments you’ll never forget. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we'll do it all together. You may know who we are, but you've never seen us like this.""

Each team member also has their own write-up exploring their role-playing background. For Doug Cockle, they reveal, "Known for playing the iconic Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher video game series, Doug has been woven into the fabric of the fantasy role-playing world for over a decade. As a long-time D&D enthusiast dating back to the 1st edition, the voice of the White Wolf is ready to take it to the next level by contributing his unique brand of carefully curated chaos to the world of Reliquiae."

Cockle is joined by Ben Starr (Actor, Final Fantasy XVI's Clive Rosfield), Aoife Wilson (Senior Communications Director at Larian Studios), Hollie Bennett (Destructoid, PlayStation), and Alex Jordan (Actor, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty's Mr Hands), with game master, Harry McEntire (Actor, Xenoblade Chronicles 3's Noah).

You can check out the first episode on the Natural Six YouTube Channel HERE


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