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14th May 2024
Rewatch the Alan Wake 2 OST Listening Party Livestream
[Soundtrack Vinyl Due Out Later This Year]

If you missed the Alan Wake 2: The Official Soundtrack Listening Party, you can still catch up on all the discussions, news, and celebrations that took place during the two-hour livestream. Check out Remedy YouTube and Twitch to watch the archived broadcast.

Vida Starčević (Senior Community Manager) and Julius Fondem (Community Manager) hosted the show, with introductions and final words bookending the playlist.

In the introduction, they tackled a question regarding a physical release of the soundtrack, teasing that it will be released later this year, although they say that they're unable to talk more about it at this time. Notably, the vinyl was described as the "Alan Wake Soundtrack", but at present, we don't know if it is the full series or just the sequel, but we'll have more news later. 

They also clarified that the chapter songs are already available to check out and enjoy and that a playlist of both albums will be made soon so that players can enjoy both releases in one pack. The original drop would have been something that long-time fans of the game may know, but newer faces perhaps didn't. You can check out the chapter songs, HERE!

If you need more Alan Wake 2 goodness, the duo are set to return to YouTube and Twitch on May 16th at 4pm EEST (2pm BST), where they will be talking to Anne-Lynn Sottas (Senior Environment Artist), Anne-Marie Grönroos (Lead Mission Designer), and Kyle Rowley (Game Director) on recreating the Pacific Northwest.


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