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14th May 2024
Alan Wake 2: The Original Soundtrack Now Available
[Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc.]

With Europe ticking over into midnight, fans are starting to share their reactions to the Alan Wake 2 soundtracks starting to drop on music platforms.

Yesterday afternoon, Remedy and Laced Records surprised fans yesterday afternoon with the pending release of the highly-anticipated soundtrack. The launch of which would coincide with Alan Wake's fourteenth anniversary. 

In the press release posted yesterday afternoon, Petri Alanko, the brilliant composer behind the soundtrack, spoke about what it has been like to return to the series after so long. “Working on Alan Wake 2 was like coming home, comparable to meeting old friends after so many years, seeing everything had changed a bit - and that longing feeling had its place among the building blocks of Alan Wake 2's soundtrack.

"From a composer's point of view, the soundtrack has no filler, with each musical cue emphasizing a certain sequence of events that fans have experienced on screen. I hope the result is as pleasing to you as it is to myself, and trust me, I carefully thought about the soundtrack. To me, be it a movie soundtrack or a video game soundtrack, it should work as an entity in and of itself.”

To celebrate the soundtrack's release, Remedy has arranged a special livestream for fans to gather and discuss the incredible pieces composed for the game's intense adventure. The gathering will take place across their YouTube and Twitch channels at 4pm EEST on May 14th. 

Alan Wake 2: The Original Soundtrack is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and more, and for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and more, starting on May 14, 2024. You can find the full updated list of services, HERE


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