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14th May 2024
Celebrating Fourteen Years of Alan Wake
[Community Tributes & Livestream]

If you feel like 1995 was five years ago, you might want to consider sitting down for this next part. Today marks fourteen years since Alan Wake first launched, sparking the first venture into what is now referred to as the Remedy Connected Universe.

Initially debuting on Xbox 360, the game was advertised as a "psychological action thriller" and saw Alan step from Bright Falls and into a living nightmare filled with heartless corpses, personified darkness, and general all-around possession. 

For the anniversary celebrations, there has been a mix of community and official events. Check out what happened throughout the day below...

Alan Wake 2: The Official Soundtrack Listening Party

Just ahead of the anniversary, Remedy and Laced Records announced the release of Alan Wake 2's highly-anticipated soundtrack, coinciding with the original adventure's launch anniversary the next day.

For the milestone, Remedy held an Alan Wake 2: The Official Soundtrack Listening Party, with a broadcast spanning over 150 minutes.  Vida StarčeviΔ‡ (Senior Community Manager) and Julius Fondem (Community Manager) hosted the show, with introductions and final words bookending the playlist.

In the introduction, they also addressed the question of a possible physical release of the soundtrack, teasing that a vinyl will be released later this year, although they say that they're unable to talk more about it at the present time. 

If you missed it, you can still catch up on all the discussions, news, and celebrations that took place during the two-hour livestream. Check out Remedy YouTube and Twitch to watch the archived broadcast.

Our Throwbacks

To celebrate the milestone, we scheduled a series of tweets that looked back at the development of the game and, of course, the incredible score by Petri Alanko. We also asked fans how they discovered the original game! There were a lot of really interesting answers to the question, with some having found it through fan art, livestreams, or the recent Herald of Darkness performance at The Game Awards. We also heard from long-time nerds who have been avid followers since 2005. 

Community Celebrations

As always, the community kicked it out of the park with their celebrations! Take a look at some of the incredible tributes seen throughout the day...


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The Control Series

The Quantum Break Series

The Alan Wake Series

The Max Payne Series




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