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16th May 2024
Rewatch Today's Alan Wake 2 Pacific Northwest Dev Stream w. Anne-Lynn Sottas, Anne-Marie Grönroos & Kyle Rowley

Remedy has just wrapped up its broadcast, exploring how the team recreated the Pacific Northwest in beautiful detail for Alan Wake 2. If you missed it or couldn't watch all of it, you can find the entire broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, available now.

For the third livestream, Vida Starčević (Senior Community Manager) was back as host for the two-hour broadcast, which featured very special guests Anne-Lynn Sottas (Senior Environment Artist), Anne-Marie Grönroos (Lead Mission Designer), and Kyle Rowley (Game Director). Each incredible voice brought their own experiences, stories, and expertise to the broadcast. 

Throughout the livestream, the team talked about a range of different topics, including research trips to Astoria where they found a Finnish town, what it was like designing a game without objective markers, their new terrain technology, designing puzzles, listening parties at the Watery Room and so much more. Both Anne-Lynn and Anne-Marie are also developers whose work with the game is fundamental, but we haven't heard from them as much in marketing; it was great to hear those new perspectives and about their roles in the game. 

As always, the above video has been embedded with Twitch and YouTube chat, so you can follow the community discussions regardless of where you watch.

Vida and Julius (off-screen support) are set to return to YouTube and Twitch on May 30th at 4pm EEST (2pm BST), talking to Nazareno Urbano (Lead Environment Artist), Admir Burnić (Level Designer), and Dimitri Giacoletto (Level Designer) about stepping into the Dark Place. See you there!


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