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13th May 2024
Remedy & Laced Records to Release Alan Wake 2 Soundtrack (w. Listening Party at Tomorrow, 4pm EEST)

Mark your calendars for tomorrow! To celebrate Alan Wake's 14th anniversary, Remedy and Laced Records have announced the release of the highly-anticipated Alan Wake 2 soundtrack.

Since the game's launch last October, the community has been enthusiastic in their requests for the release of the award-winning soundtrack. Back in February, Petri Alanko (Composer) and Ville Sorsa (Principal Audio Designer) calmed rumours, saying that the team was working to bring the soundtrack to fans but was facing some unexpected hurdles. 

Today, the studio confirmed its pending launch, with the release set for tomorrow, fourteen years after the original game was released in Europe.

That's not all, though! For its launch, tune in at 4pm EEST tomorrow to Remedy's Twitch or YouTube channel to join in with the official listening party as the soundtrack goes live. 

Speaking about the release in a blog post on the Remedy website, Alanko states, “It’s been long time in the making, to say the least. Having spent a good part of the last decade – and a few years more – with Alan Wake and his two worlds, the outcome of the soundtrack is about as coherent and on spot as can be from my point of view: this is how I want you to feel it."

The soundtrack features thirty-five tracks, including Poe's This Road and Yötön Yö performed by Martti Suosalo, with the rest completed by Remedy's brilliant in-house composer. 

“Each musical cue is designed to emphasize specific sequences, enriching the players’ experience beyond visual elements. I carefully thought about the soundtrack. To me, be it a movie soundtrack or a video game soundtrack, it should work as an entity in and of itself,” Alanko continues. “Remedy is known for its high quality and storytelling – the same applies here. I am sure everyone experiences Alan Wake 2 at their own pace and rhythm. There are many possibilities to explore as well as paths to take within the game’s realms. I tried to include the themes and cues according to a general or average timeline, but of course there will be a lot of differences."


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