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10th May 2024
Pins & Stickers Available at Heroes Comic Con Finland

While Remedy may not be officially exhibiting at Heroes Comic Con Finland, if you're attending the show, look for those wearing Remedy jumpers to claim a potential prize! 

Writing on Instagram, the company teased, "Look for our dev wearing a black crewneck with a big blue letter R, and say hello! There may be a pin or a sticker in it for you..." 

For the event, the company has new foil stickers featuring the new Remedy logo in black, highlighted with an embossed silver outline. The pins are likely to be the Control FBC emblem and are highly sought after in the community. If you're not visiting the event this weekend, there is another way to collect the badge; Remedy is currently running a fan art contest with a range of exciting goodies, including one of the pins. 

Established in 2014, Heroes Comic Con is a regular event celebrating nerd and geek culture. Previously held in Gothenburg and Stockholm, the 2024 event arrives in Tampere, marking the first one held in Finland. The three-day event, which opened its doors earlier today, features actor signings, international exhibitors, artists, photoshoots, panels, and more. You can learn more on the Heroes Comic Con Finland, HERE!


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