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10th May 2024
Tornion Panimo Releases Real-Life AHMA Beer

Following the release of Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment has teamed up with local brewery Tornion Panimo to bring AHMA Sauna Lager to life.

Created for the game, AHMA ("Wolverine") was a fictional brand of lager seen throughout Washington state. Brewed locally in Watery, a town established by Finnish immigrants in 1981, the lager celebrates its connections to its Nordic origins. Perhaps most memorable to players, the brand is promoted by the Koskela Brothers using the tagline "unleash your inner wolverine", with a series of suggestions on how to "drink it the Finnish way".

If you've wondered what AHMA might taste like, now is your chance!

Brewed in real-life by the award-winning Lapland-based company Tornion Panimo, AHMA can be found in K-Ruoka and S-Kaupat stores, as well as Alko. Each can costs 3,69€, and is made with Lapland water, barley malt, hops, and yeast. The collaboration was made with AHMA BRĂ„NDI, a trademark of Remedy Entertainment Oyj. 

[Translated] Official Description:
 The small town of Watery located in Washington, lovingly called "America's Little Finland", was born in 1981 around Finnish immigrants, focused on fishing and forestry. Preserving Finnish heritage and culture has always been an important part of life for Finnish Americans, especially in the heart of Watery. From this passion comes AHMA, a Finnish-style sauna lager. The fictitious beer made famous from the Alan Wake 2 video game by Remedy Entertainment made real.

 Tornion Panimo (thank you to Kinahmi666 for sharing!)


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