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22nd April 2024
New Composer Interview & Upcoming Reboot Develop Blue & Nordic Game Lectures [ft. Alan Wake 2 Composer, Petri Alanko]

April tends to be known for its grey showers and Finland's fourth attempt at winter, but this year's it's one that Petri Alanko has absolutely owned. Recently, we've seen a new wave of interviews and lectures by the brilliant Alan Wake 2 composer on top of his BAFTA Games and Twitch stream appearances. If you're looking for stories on how he brought hair-raising horror to life through his music, make sure to check out some of these links below...

Composer Interview

Up first, an interview with Composer on "How Petri Alanko drew on theoretical physics to craft and modulate score for Alan Wake II". In the in-depth interview, they journey back to the original Alan Wake game, exploring how Petri approached Alan's debut adventure and how it compared to returning for the sequel, particularly now that the series has since gone on to form the origins of the Remedy Connected Universe. You can read the interview in full HERE! (Wayback Archive)

There are also a couple of lectures on the schedule, including at Reboot Develop Blue 2024 and Nordic Game Spring.

Reboot Develop Blue 2024

With the expo taking place this week, Reboot Develop Blue has now confirmed the final schedule, which details the two events the composer will be attending.

On Tuesday, April 23rd, Petri will join fellow composers on the Raw Fury Stage at 11:30 CEST for "Battle of the Beats: 4 Game Composers, One Room, Unlimited Secrets". Other composers include David Housden (Thomas Was Alone), Jon Everist (BattleTech), and Damjan Mravunac (Serious Sam

On Wednesday, he will sit in the hot seat for "BEACHSIDE CHAT with Petri Alanko", where he will be talking about creating "from horror to hope" in Alan Wake 2. The discussion will be moderated by journalist and author Dean Takahashi and held on the Raw Fury Stage at 12:30 CEST.

Speaker Description: "Petri Alanko (aka Lowland) is a three-time BAFTA-nominated Finnish composer, musician and producer who creates deeply emotional soundscapes for visual media, including games, television and movies. His dynamic repertoire ranges from the haunting orchestral/electronic scores for Remedy Entertainment’s psycho-thriller, Alan Wake, to the thematic hybrid works of action blockbuster Quantum Break and the complex musical landscape of CONTROL featuring a twisted and ominous electronic sci- fi score for Remedy’s cinematic triumph. Returning to ‘The Dark Place’, Alanko’s latest musical adventure was composing the intense duality and character-driven score for Remedy’s supernatural horror sequel, Alan Wake II released to universal critical acclaim in 2023."

Reboot Develop Blue is a gaming conference held on the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia, from April 22nd to 24th, 2024. It's an event for those in the industry, with an estimated 2,500 developers from 800 studios set to descend on the historic town. You can learn more about the conference HERE

Nordic Game Spring 2024

Next month, Nordic Game Spring will kick off on May 21st in Malmö, Sweden, for a three-day event celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

While the event's schedule hasn't been confirmed yet, the talk information is already available, revealing that it will be a fireside chat hosted by Orvar Säfström

NG Conversation with Alan Wake 2 Composer Petri Alanko: "Celebrated concert producer and writer Orvar Säfström joins BAFTA-nominated Finnish composer, musician and producer Petri Alanko (Control, Quantum Break, Alan Wake) in conversation at Nordic Game to discuss Alanko’s musical journey, creative process and scoring Remedy Entertainment’s award-winning title, Alan Wake 2."

Learn more about the event at

At present, it's unknown whether the keynotes will be recorded, but we'll let you know if they're unloaded!


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