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19th April 2024
New Old Gods of Asgard Merchandise
[Magnets, Bands, and Pendents]

If you're looking to expand your Old Gods of Asgard collection, the band's official distributor, Backstage Rockshop, has your back. In recent days, an assortment of new merchandise has been added to the store page,, including two pendant designs, a fabric wristband, and a fridge magnet. Let's take a closer look...

Pendents. There are two pendant designs for you to choose from: one with the Old Gosd of Asgard emblem and the other with a shield. Both are made of hand-cast English pewter and measure 3cm in diameter, secured with a hefty 6mm-wide chain. Both designs cost 29,99 €, and worldwide shipping is available. 

Wristband. The fabric wristband is a cheaper option, at just 5,99€ and is the perfect opportunity to represent your passion for the group. The overlapping logo is embroidered in white against a black fabric background, making the logo really stand out. 

Fridge Magnet. Finally, there is the new fridge magnet showcasing the red Raven art, a design which launched their webstore. At 3,99 €, it's the cheapest of the four pieces and measures 56mm in diameter.

Check out the full collection on the Old Gods of Asgard webstore, HERE!  


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