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17th April 2024
Rewatch Remedy's Alan Wake 2 Kickoff Livestream

The Remedy livestreams are back! Yesterday, Thomas Puha (Communications Director) and Kyle Rowley (Game Director) launched the first of five scheduled broadcasts, set to take place over the next month, with a second set teased for after the summer break. 

Yesterday's "Kickoff" livestream, hosted on the studio's Twitch and YouTube channels, explored the behind-the-scenes journey of Alan Wake 2 with never-before-seen milestone footage. 

Opening the broadcast, they discuss the BAFTA Games Awards, with Kyle having just returned from London, as well as what's currently in the works the DLC packs (although only teasers so far!), and the delicate decision process of showing an in-progress game.

The main discussion, though, was all about Alan Wake 2's development, from pre-production (when the team is focused on concepts and general goals) to development (with set achievements and dates). At Remedy, those milestones were celebrated and communicated both internally and to Epic Games through videos. The approach also allowed bigger developers' teams to gain a general sense of the overall progress of other departments. Accompanied by Kyle's commentary, we see work-in-progress videos from April 2021 and February 2022 (milestone #12).

As for future broadcasts, Vida will be returning as host for the next livestreams, which will delve deeper into specific areas of Alan Wake 2. On April 18th, they will be diving into the audio and music behind the game. For May 2nd, cinematics and live-action are in the spotlight. For some mid-May action, they return to the Pacific Northwest in a location feature on May 16th. Finally, as May draws to an end, there is a broadcast dedicated to The Dark Place on May 30th. All broadcasts will be going live at 4pm EEST / 2pm BST / 1pm GMT. Check them out on Twitch and YouTube

Source: RemedyGames on Twitch


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