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15th April 2024
Remedy Schedules Five New Alan Wake 2 Livestreams

Today, Remedy announced the next series of livestreams, this time centring around Alan Wake 2

The schedule, which kicks off tomorrow, will see the studio check back in on alternative Thursdays at 4pm EEST with a brand new topic and new developers. 

Writing on Twitter, the team revealed, "Join us in taking a peek inside the Writer's Room in our Alan Wake 2 developer streams! Every stream will feature dev team guests talking about how we brought AW2 to life. The 1st streams are this Tue and Thu at 4PM EET/2PM GMT. Catch us live on Twitch and YouTube!

The attached photo (see below) also teased the topics to come. On April 18th, they will be diving into the audio and music behind Alan Wake 2. For May 2nd, cinematics and live-action are in the spotlight. For some mid-May action, they return to the Pacific Northwest in a location feature on May 16th. Finally, as May draws to an end, there is a broadcast dedicated to The Dark Place on May 30th

Update 16/04/2024: Timezones can be a little bit on the confusing side particularly when we just crossed over into summertime like Europe did lately. If today's livestream mark the regular time for the upcoming broadcasts, the studio will go live at 4pm EEST / 2pm BST / 1pm GMT. 

Source & Image: Remedy Entertainment's Twitter.


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